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We provide an easy and secure way to sell your jewelry at a price that's right for you.
  • 40+ years of excellent customer service
  • GIA-certified gemologists
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  • 100% free, no-risk consultation
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Sell & consign your jewelry in the heart of Manhattan
We are proud to offer both immediate purchase and consignment of your jewelry in our long-running shop in Rockefeller Center, NYC. Book an appointment today to find out how our exclusive marketplace can help you sell your piece quickly and simply.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. What is the difference between "consignment" and "sell-it-now"?
    If you opt for an immediate sale (sell-it-now), we will purchase your item immediately after you accept the exact sale price, which we issue after a thorough evaluation of your piece. We will issue payment within days. If you choose to consign your piece with us, we will list your item in our exclusive seller marketplace, including our heavily trafficked NYC storefront. While the process takes a bit longer, it allows for a higher sale price.
  • 2. What types of items do you accept?
    Although we specialize in vintage and estate pieces, we accept all types of fine jewelry, diamonds and branded watches.
  • 3. What are your fees?
    For consignment, we charge 15% of the sale price. There is no fee for immediate sale.
  • 4. How do I ship my item to you?
    After determining the estimate value of your piece, we will send you a free, prepaid FedEx label, insured for the value of your item. Securely pack your item and drop off at a FedEx location near you.
  • 5. How much is shipping?
    Shipping and insurance are 100% free of charge.
  • 6. What happens when I ship my item to you?
    Upon receiving and processing your item, a certified gemologist (for jewelry) or horologist (for watches) will provide you with a free evaluation of your piece within 1-2 business days. We will contact you with an exact sell-it-now price, a more precise evaluation of your consignment offer, as well as our expert recommendations.
  • 7. How exactly does the consignment process work?
    If you decide not to sell for immediate cash, you'll have the option to consign with us. We will work for you to receive the highest retail selling price of your piece. The sell-it-now offer will always be on the table, should you change your mind.
  • 8. What if I change my mind? Can I get my jewelry back?
    If you haven't yet accepted an offer, you may reclaim your jewelry at any time. You will be responsible for return shipping and insurance.
  • 9. How do you calculate the "sell-it-now" price?
    We take into account a variety of factors to provide you with the best possible sell-it-now price, including the brand of the piece, the condition, quality, and current demand & market value. Our 40 years in the industry have helped us build a trusted network of industry experts and retail clients.
  • 10. How long will it take to sell my item?
    If you choose to sell-it-now, you are guaranteed purchase of your item for the agreed price. For pieces on consignment, the selling time varies depending on the demand for your particular item. On average, it takes 30-90 days to sell a piece on consignment.
  • 11. Will my piece be safe & secure with you?
    Your piece will always be handled by trained personnel. We use state-of-the-art camera systems to make sure your piece never leaves our sight. In addition, everything that enters our shop is completely insured with our trusted partner, Jewelers Mutual.
  • 12. Do you have a storefront I can visit?
    Yes! We are conveniently located in Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, NYC. We'd love to have you visit us. See below for store hours and address.
  • 13. How can I be sure I can trust you with my valuable items?
    We have been a trusted jewelry destination for locals and tourists for over 40 years, located in the heart of Manhattan. We are a licensed Secondhand Dealer in New York City with a certified gemologist and horologist on site.
  • 14. How can I be sure I'm getting the maximum amount for my jewelry?
    Even if your piece is old or broken down, we have an expert restoration team that will make your piece retail-ready, completely free of charge.
  • 15. What sets you apart from other sites like Worthy?
    With decades of selling experience as a trusted, NYC family-owned business, we are 100% committed to providing you with personal and attentive care. We offer you the opportunity to feature your consigned pieces in our spacious, heavily trafficked New York City storefront in Rockefeller Center. As a valued client, you will always be family to us. Visit us anytime during store hours at 54 W 50th Street, New York, NY.
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