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Welcome to Louis Martin Jewelers

Pearl and Bead Stringing Services Established 1978!

With over 40 years of expertise, we proudly present our specialized pearl and bead stringing services. Our legacy, dating back to 1978, assures precision, quality, and passion in every piece we handle.

Our Services:

  • Professional Pearl Stringing:

    • From classic Akoya to exotic Tahitians, we treat each pearl with the care and attention it deserves.

    • Price: $2.50 per pearl for hand-knot on silk.

  • Bead Restringing:

    • Whether it's precious gemstone beads or a sentimental heirloom, we restore your treasured pieces to their original beauty.

    • Price: $2.50 per bead for hand-knot on silk or other material.

  • Clasp Replacement:

    Enhance the security and aesthetics of your necklace or bracelet with our range of high-quality clasps.

  • Length Alterations:

    Customize the length of your necklaces and bracelets to fit perfectly.

  • Pearl and Bead Cleaning:

    Ensure the luster and shine of your pearls and beads with our gentle cleaning services.

Why Choose Louis Martin Jewelers:

  • Decades of Experience:

    Established in 1978, our artisans possess unmatched skills and expertise in pearl and bead stringing.

  • Premium Quality Materials:

    We use only the finest silk threads, ensuring the longevity and beauty of your restrung pieces.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed:

    We pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations, promising a seamless and satisfying experience.

"Louis Martin Jewelers breathed new life into my grandmother's pearls. The restringing service was exceptional, and the pearls now shine brighter than ever!"

Jane D.

"The bead restringing was done to perfection. I'm truly impressed with the craftsmanship at Louis Martin Jewelers."

Michael P.

Contact Us Today:

Visit our Louis Martin Jewelers store or contact us to experience the finest craftsmanship and exceptional customer service that we have been delivering for over 40 years.
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