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Welcome to Louis Martin Jewelers

Your Trusted Destination for Licensed Buying and Consigning of Jewelry, Watches, and Estates since 1978!

With a legacy spanning over four decades, Louis Martin Jewelers has been a reputable name in the industry, offering licensed buying and consigning services for jewelry, watches, and estates since 1978.Our commitment to integrity, transparency, and exceptional customer service has earned us the trust of countless clients, making us a premier choice for selling or consigning your valuable assets.

Why Choose Louis Martin Jewelers for Your Jewelry, Watch, and Estate Transactions?

  • Licensed and Trusted:

    As a licensed and established jewelry business, we adhere to ethical practices and comply with industry regulations, providing you with a secure and trustworthy experience.

  • Expert Appraisals:

    Our experienced appraisers have extensive knowledge in assessing the value of jewelry, watches, and estate items, ensuring you receive accurate and fair evaluations.

  • Confidentiality and Discretion:

    We understand the importance of privacy. Your selling or consigning transactions are handled with utmost confidentiality and discretion.

  • Legacy of Excellence:

    Since 1978, we have maintained a reputation for delivering reliable, professional, and personalized services to our valued clients.

Our Services for Licensed Buying and Consigning Include


Whether you have fine jewelry, luxury pieces, or vintage gems, we are interested in purchasing or consigning your treasured pieces.


From high-end luxury timepieces to vintage watches, we have a keen interest in buying or consigning a diverse range of watches.


If you have an estate or collection of jewelry and watches to sell or consign, we offer comprehensive and hassle-free assistance.

How the Process Works:

  • Consultation:

    Schedule an appointment with our experienced appraisers to evaluate your items and discuss your selling or consigning options.

  • Professional Appraisal:

    Our appraisers will carefully assess the value of your jewelry, watches, or estate items based on current market trends and historical data.

  • Offers and Terms:

    For those looking to sell, we'll present you with offers. For consignments, we'll discuss the terms and consignment period that suit your needs

  • Smooth Transactions:

    Once terms are agreed upon, we ensure a seamless and transparent selling or consigning process, handling all necessary paperwork with efficiency.

Contact Us Today:

Trust in the expertise of Louis Martin Jewelers since 1978 for licensed buying and consigning of jewelry, watches, and estates. Schedule an appointment or reach out to us for any inquiries - we look forward to assisting you with your valuable assets.
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